Friday, 20 August 2010

The Story so far... (Part 1)

My mind wanders. Ask anyone.

But, that's not the beginning of this particular story. This one begins on the day where I saw an ad looking for open submissions to Big Finish Productions for Dr Who audio plays. There were a very set list of conditions. One condition in particular that got me thinking was the list of things you couldn't reference by name.

Copyright I presume.

At any rate it got me thinking about obscure references in Dr Who, how much could you allude to past characters and events without actually naming them? Quite a bit I felt. At this point I thought I'd best leave the PC alone and get the kitchen floor swept. However the thought persisted as I swept. Fleshing the thought out a bit further I started to wonder about writing a story about the Doctor before he was the Doctor. Who else would you tie into the story and, in keeping with the nameless aspect, not directly name?

Then the phone went and the idea went into hibernation for a week or so.

It re-emerged at work one day when I found myself at a loose end and couldn't find anything whatsoever to do. So I fired up the word processor and rattled out the first few thousand or so words. Then work picked up again. But the words sat there on my pen drive, whispering to me each time I opened up the pen to do something else. I might have been ignoring the story, but the story certainly wasn't ignoring me.......