Friday, 20 August 2010

The Story so far...... (Part 2)

The story grew in the telling.

Each time I looked at the document sitting on my pen drive another little detail occurred to me. Yet somehow I never found the time to open it up and add it. This went on for sometime. I'd realised that the deadline for open submissions had expired before I'd even seen it and so the motivation to finish just kind of fizzled out.

Then I met Greig.

Greig is due to marry a good friend of my wife's. I'd met him a few times in that capacity and he seemed like a decent bloke. And he liked Batman. We got speaking on a range of subjects and just as myself and my family were getting set to leave his house one evening he mentioned that he was an aspiring writer. I mentioned that I'd dabbled here and there and that currently I was struggling with a short story.

"Really? I can have have a look and help if you want."

And there it was. Motivation to get re-started.

The game was back on.

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